Architectural Design Development in Tampa

Luttrell Architecture, LLC is a foremost architectural firm specializing in all phases of design work, including design development. We partner with our clients to develop and finalize building plans that seamlessly marry function and form.

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What Is Architectural Design Development?

The design development phase is a more nuanced extension of the schematic design phase. You pick the schematic design you like best, and our architects carry on the work of assembling structural details and finalizing product selections.

Like all other design phases, your input is crucial to design development’s success. We revise our schematic design based on your requests and finalize the design only with your approval. Preliminary engineering also begins at this point, and work will progress on your future building’s electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Thanks to the increasing level of detail, our architects will also edit the overall project’s cost estimate for more accuracy.

By the end of design development, we’ll have a plan ready to submit for permit applications and contractor bidding.

Architect-Led Product Selection

Product selection makes up a substantial portion of design development. It can be challenging for the client to make final decisions on items that will stay in their future home or office for a lifetime. That’s where our advice comes in handy. We serve as the client’s trusted ally by offering sound guidance on product selections. When we consider an appliance or a fixture, we factor in its beauty, value, and long-term performance.

During design development, you can expect to make your final call on:

  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Appliances
  • And more

With so many choices to be made, how do you keep track of expenses? Simple—we do that for you. Our architects will carefully track each selection’s cost to ensure the total sum fits within your allotted budget.

Interior Design Development

Zeroing in on the Details

All the elements that were missing from the schematic design enter onto center stage during design development. Our architects zero in on the details of your:

  • Floor plan
  • Elevation plan
  • Section drawings

We make sure everything is in place for pre-construction planning phases. These documents serve as a looking-glass into your future home or office. Our responsibility (and one we take very seriously) is to make sure the preview lives up to your vision.

Consulting with Engineers

Putting the Pieces Together

As your building plans come together, so do all the many utilities that will make your future building function. During design development, our architects supervise and coordinate the intersecting work of:

  • Structural engineers and consultants
  • Mechanical engineers and consultants
  • Electrical engineers and consultants

We ensure that everyone has the correct information in their hands and works together as a cohesive unit.

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Luttrell Architecture, LLC is the established architectural firm in Tampa that you can depend on to take you through design development in a timely, economical, and straightforward fashion. We’re available for projects of all sizes, and we’re available to take your call now.

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