Construction Site Selection in Tampa

Luttrell Architecture, LLC is a premier architecture firm offering in-depth assistance with construction site selection. Our architects help prospective property owners do their due diligence when considering where to build their home or commercial site.

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Detailed Site Analysis

Before our architects can take their design prowess to the drawing board, we engage in extensive research to determine whether the construction site is viable. Our architectural team will work side-by-side with you to analyze the physical and environmental features of your potential building site. A standard site analysis with us will include:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Topography
  • Zoning
  • Climate
  • Traffic conditions
  • And more

These elements of a site make up the design context—which is key to creating a seamless design. By understanding the site’s context, our architects gain insight into the future opportunities and challenges of the design process.

Data-Driven Site Selection

We don’t choose plots based on aesthetics or price. We rely on cold, hard data to inform our decisions. Our site selection process is one of technical thoroughness. You can depend on our team to collect a substantive amount of information concerning:

  • Site boundaries
  • Utility locations
  • Site features
  • Legal information
  • And more

We approach every site systematically by scouring maps and historical records to gain a comprehensive understanding of the location and all its nuances.

Site Visits with an Architect

Once we have a firm grasp of the site on paper, it’s time to take a physical tour of the space. During our on-site visits, our architects come prepared to collect more information about both the human-made and natural characteristics of the land. Of course, we’ll take plenty of photos with our high-performance cameras and diligently take measurements, too. These pictures and exact proximity measurements will be highly useful when drafting multiple design concepts.

Diagramming Our Site Findings

Finally, when we’ve collected the data and visited the site in-person, we’ll compile our findings together into a complete site diagram. These drawings will present the data in a user-friendly manner by showcasing site characteristics of all kinds—from sun paths to soil types—with color, pen marks, and other visual indicators. You’ll appreciate that our diagrams make a treasure trove of data easy to understand.

Our architects then take the finished site diagrams, sit down with you, and evaluate the feasibility of the project. We’ll offer our professional opinion on the site’s design implications, while offering potential design solutions and workarounds to the unchangeable aspects of the lot. Ultimately, the decision will be in your hands, but you’ll find our architects an invaluable resource and advisor along the way.

Let’s Start Site Searching!

Luttrell Architecture, LLC is Tampa’s full-service architecture firm with a track record of success for performing professional site analyses for residential and commercial projects. Our architects employ a data-driven process and utilize sound diagramming skills to present each client with detailed site overviews.

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