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Luttrell Architecture, LLC is a full-service architecture firm that distills beauty, ingenuity, and vision into homes throughout the Tampa region. We take on projects of all sizes and invest our company’s full resources and technologies to create superior designs in an economical and timely fashion.

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Full-Service Home Design Architect

We consider the opportunity to design someone’s home a great privilege. That’s why we approach every project—no matter its size—with respect and sensitivity to the clients’ needs and vision. For us, home design is anything but generic. Each project we undertake is unique and special, as we engage in thoughtful discussion and careful planning to bring about an individualized design outcome. We provide a full suite of design services for your convenience, including computer-aided design and documentation, contract administration, and comprehensive project management.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our firm, values, and design philosophy. If you have any questions about our credentials or previous work, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d love to connect with you.

Architectural Design House Plans

We craft house plans that cater to the day-to-day activities of our clients. Our floor layouts create ease, convenience, and flexibility for the homeowner while simultaneously infusing each at-home activity with natural light and beauty. We develop spaces that are responsive and capture the hearts of their owners.

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Sustainable Architectural Designs for Houses

At our firm, we understand that quality architecture is site-specific, responds to its climate, and uses resources responsibly. Put simply, the best architecture is sustainable. Our practice is committed to developing green homes that will contribute positively to the communities in which we live. We believe that project by project, we’re making our future a better place and our planet a safer one. We invite you to join us by lowering energy consumption, reducing waste, and minimizing the overall environmental impact of residential architecture.

Our Architects

As an established firm in the new build industry, we understand that a company is only as successful as the people it hires, which is why we take great care in assembling our teams. Our company excels thanks to the talent and hard work of our certified architects, interior designers, and administrative staff. We are all leaders and experts in our respective divisions. Together, we share the same commitment to architectural excellence that is our firm’s mainstay. Each day in the office is one where we work collectively toward a singular goal: to design homes of distinction that cater to the homeowner.

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We invite you to schedule a consultation with our team at your earliest convenience. We conduct exhaustive briefings that are the start to rewarding design journeys where creativity and economy work in harmony.

Luttrell Architecture, LLC delivers contemporary, sustainable, and stunning designs. Book your home designer architectural consultation today to discover what we can build tomorrow.